Elite Pedestal 22″-32″ Adjustable

1270350-P 3.18.11

The Elite pedestal is an aluminum air-ride system with adjustable height and has up to 10″ of height adjustment.


Bentleys part # 102202




  • Top Of Inner Post Has 4″ Collar Sized And Punched To Fit Any Springfield Marine Air-Ride Compatible Slide & Swivel
  • Aluminum Clamp Prevents Movement Between Outer And Inner Posts For Wobble Free Ride
  • 12″ Cast Aluminum Polished Base
  • 11″ Hole Pattern, 6 Fasteners
  • 3-1/2″ Aluminum Inner Post, .213″ Wall Thickness, Anodized With 4 Grooves Matching Clamp Keys
  • 4″ Aluminum Outer Post, .213″ Wall Thickness, Brite Dip Anodized, Pressed And Welded In Base


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